I choose to live life on fire and I hope you will, too! Are you ready?

 Rapid-Fire Facts About Me (My mom loves this stuff)

  • My background is in mental health and medical social work.
  • I have a Masters of Social Work (graduated summa cum laude, yip, yip!).
  • I have a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology (also graduated summa cum laude, yeehaw!)
  • I worked in healthcare for almost a decade.
  • I’m a Certified Professional Coach since 2009.
  • I’m also trained in ADHD coaching, organizing coaching, business coaching, Money Breakthrough (and more).
  • I’m the mother of 3 beautiful, smart, and spunky girls (they’re the reason why I do what I do).
  • I’m the wife of 1 handsome, intelligent, and hilariously funny man.
  • My work and I have been featured on TLC, Discovery Health, ADDitude magazine and a whole slew of other media outlets
  • I could write more about me, but what you probably really want to know is how I can help you, so click here and find out.