Non-Toxic Allergy-Friendly Citrus Bathroom Scrub

Non-Toxic, Allergy-Friendly Citrus Bathroom ScrubWhen I was a young kid, I remember cleaning the tub after every bath with one of those powder cleaners that come in a can. Afterwards, I always seemed to have a bit of respiratory irritation from indirectly inhaling the powder as I sprinkled it around the bathtub.

When I was a teenager, my grandmother mistakenly mixed Comet® Powder Bathroom cleaner with bleach. As you can probably guess, that did not go very well.

Mixing comet with bleach, or mixing cleaning supplies in general, can be very dangerous. Mixing bleach with ammonia, or anything acidic is a big “no-no” as it creates a very dangerous chemical reaction that can result in the formation of toxic chloramine vapor or toxic chlorine gas which can cause death at very high levels. Even at low levels, chlorine gas almost always causes respiratory distress and irritation of mucous membranes.

Luckily, my grandmother was okay. Needless to say, after that my family removed all of the dangerous cleaning products from her home.

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Tips for Conquering Kitchen Clutter

Kitchens tend to be clutter magnets. Because they see so much activity on a daily basis, keeping them clean and clutter-free can really be a complicated chore. Kitchen clutter isn’t just an eyesore, though. It really makes cooking healthy meals a pain in the neck and it increases theLeftovers in tupperware risk of cross-contact with food allergies.

So what do you do if your kitchen is prone to clutter?

Here’s a simple organizing checklist to help you keep kitchen clutter at bay:

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