Honor, Duty, Mission

I am writing today in honor of my uncle who passed away this week. As I remember him, I remember him as I did as a child. I candleflameremember playing with him a lot. He was like a giant teddy bear. He was always kidding around and getting me all riled up. I think he was one of the first people in my life that really brought out my natural spunk and fire. Boy could he get me fired up! Haha! Growing up with him and an abundance of male cousins taught me not to take any stuff from any random boys on the playground, that’s for sure!

I have to say that even today he has me pretty riled up. My uncle passed away due to complications related to a hernia. A hernia that brought him to the hospital on three different occasions.

Why am I so fired up?

I’m fired up because he was just in his early 50’s and now he’s gone because of something that probably could have been repaired. I just learned that on his previous visits to the hospital, he was told that his hernia could not be repaired until he lost weight. I’m fired up because he never got help to lose the weight so that he could have surgery that may have saved his life.

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