Spring Gold Hoop Wreath Tutorial: Eucalyptus, Roses, and Hydrangeas

Hello friends! Spring is definitely in the air! Just another week until it’s officially here! I am so excited! Many of you were interested in the tutorial for the gold hoop wreath I made for my back door. Well, I am happy to announce that it is here!

Hoop wreaths are pretty simple to make, quicker than most other types of wreaths, and very light-weight. I needed something light and airy since this wreath was going to be hanging on a glass door.

These hoop wreaths are so versatile. You can make one for any place in your home. Just follow the steps below.

To complete this wreath, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 14 inch gold-toned metal macrame or craft ring (you can find them at craft stores or Amazon.com)
  • Floral wire (green or gold will blend in nicely, I used green 24 gauge)
  • Wire cutters
  • Zip ties (not pictured)
  • Ribbon (twine or fabric of choice to make a hanger)
  • 2 Eucalyptus stems (you can find these at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, the ones I used are from Michaels)
  • 1 Floral rose and hydrangea bush or flowers of choice (this one is from Hobby Lobby)

Step 1.

Trim each eucalyptus stem from the main stalk and separate into 3 pieces. This should leave you with 6 smaller eucalyptus stems.

Step 2.

Arrange one layer of eucalyptus stems around the circumference of the ring at the height and position that you desire.


Step 3.

Securely attach the first layer of eucalyptus stems to the ring using zip ties. This is an easier and more secure attachment than wire, but you can make do with floral wire, if you don’t have zip ties handy.


Step 4.

Using floral wire, attach a second layer of eucalyptus stems to fill in any gaps, cover visible zip ties, and create an overall fuller wreath.


Step 5.

Make sure all of the gaps and stems are covered and that your greenery is positioned the way you want it.


Step 6.

Using wire cutters, trim the flowers that you want to use from the bush. Leave at least a 6 inch stem on each one so that you can securely attach the flowers to the hoop. You can always trim the stems later if they are too long. Feed the roses and hydrangea stems through the greenery and around the circumference of the hoop so that the flower heads are positioned the way you want them.


Step 7.

Secure the flower stems with zip ties and/or floral wire depending on how thick or heavy the stems are. Trim the ends of the zip ties and floral wire using wire cutters. If you want to cover the mechanics on the back side of the wreath, you can hot glue a few extra leaves over the trimmed wire and zip ties.


Step 8.

Cut about 40 inches of ribbon, jute rope, or twine to create a hanger for the wreath.


Step 9.

Wrap the ribbon around the top of the hoop wreath making a loop and tie the ends into a bow at the desired length. I made my ribbon loop 10 inches long. Now your wreath is ready to hang!


I would love to see your creations! Feel free to post your wreath on instagram and tag me, @BrightFire_Living so that I’m sure to see it!

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