Tips for a Safe Hotel Stay with Food Allergies, Celiac, or Dietary Restrictions


Traveling with food allergies, celiac disease, or other health-related dietary restrictions requires a bit of extra planning to make sure your accommodations and overall stay are both safe and enjoyable.

When you are thinking about booking a hotel, you want to consider how close it is to other places you might need such as a grocery store or emergency room. I always recommend staying at places that have kitchens or kitchenettes so that you can prepare your own safe meals. This is not always possible, but you can almost always request that a refrigerator and microwave be sent to your room. This way you do not have to eat out for every meal.

If your hotel has a restaurant on site, you can also call ahead to speak to the chef and check out the menu to see if it might be a suitable place for you and your family to dine. I suggest familiarizing yourself with other restaurants that are in the vicinity to see if there are any safe options.

You may also want to consider shipping some safe foods to your hotel or wherever you might be staying, particularly if there aren’t many grocery stores nearby or if you suspect that certain safe foods may be hard to find.

For most people, forgetting to pack something is mostly an inconvenience. For those of us managing food allergies, forgetting to pack something can be a huge hassle and even a danger.

Here are few things that you will want to add to your traveling checklist:

  • At least two epinephrine autoinjectors per person with food allergies.
  • Other medications (ex. controller inhaler, albuterol, antihistamines, etc.)
  • Any medical equipment (ex. nebulizer, spacers, etc.)
  • Emergency Allergy Plan
  • Cell phone
  • Insurance cards
  • Doctors’ phone numbers
  • Safe snacks
  • Hand wipes (in case you are unable to wash hands, while traveling)
  • Cleaning wipes (to wipe down surfaces in the hotel and airline seats, if you’re flying)
  • Make sure your child is wearing her medical alert bracelet whenever you’re traveling just in case you aren’t able to relay information in an emergency
  • Safe Toiletries (ex. allergy-safe toothpaste, lotion, bodywash, shampoo, soap, etc.)

I would love to hear how you make your hotel stays safe and enjoyable. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

About Tiffany deSilva

Hi I'm Tiffany deSilva, MSW, CPC, CHC, Founder of BrightFire Living, LLC. I am a social worker, speaker, author, certified health, wellness and lifestyle coach, certified green living coach and toxic-free consultant. I am passionate about helping women like you to detox each area of your life, safeguard your family's health, and live life fully charged and completely lit up! I am on a mission to empower women and families who are managing food allergies, autoimmune disorders, and other modern chronic health conditions to live a safe, happy, and healthy life that truly lights your fire!

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  1. I’m going to be travelling for business, so I need to book a hotel. It makes sense that I would want to keep my food allergies in mind! I’ll make sure that I take a look at what they have on their menu. I’ll keep my medicine on hand just in case.

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